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There are two documents that need to be executed before moving further with the donor.
  one Egg Donor Contract
    This agreement is between you and the egg donor and outlines your responsibilities and obligations. This contract needs to be signed by the Intended Parents. The contract will need to be returned to Mirna
  two Administrative Agreement
    This document is between you and Reproductive Solutions. The contract will need to be signed by you and then returned to Mirna for her signature.
When working with doctors outside of the Los Angeles area the travel costs will be your responsibility. Each time the donor is required to travel out of town you will be responsible for airfare for both donor and a companion, ground transportation, hotel, meals, and loss of wages.

In addition to the fees payable to Reproductive Solutions, the Recipient or Couple shall be responsible for all incurred medical costs involved with the In Vitro Fertilization procedure and care from your physician's medical facility. Reproductive Solutions does not hold any money from the recipient to cover any medical costs including medication, doctor or lab fees, or fees incurred during the procedure.
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