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about the fertility process at reproductive solutions
At Reproductive Solutions we will help coordinate the following for your donor:
How the Process Works
Once the donor is medically cleared she may begin the process which includes undergoing ovulatory stimulation. Ovulatory stimulation allows for more than one egg to develop and mature in each ovary. The amount will vary from donor to donor as well as the rate at which they respond to the fertility medication. It is usual for a donor to produce 7-14 eggs but Reproductive Solutions can not guarantee how many eggs each donor will produce.

Donors can take a variety of different fertility medication depending on the donor and the treating physician. Most donors start on Lupron. This will lower their estrogen level and prepare their body for the stimulation process. It is up to the treating physician to decide how long the donor will be on the lupron.

After the donor has started her menstrual period with the lupron she will start the stimulation medication. The stimulation medication will vary from physician to physician but includes Gonal F, Menopur, and Follistim. Generally the donor will take the stimulation anywhere from 9-12 days. The Egg retrieval happens on approximately day 12-14 of the donor’s cycle.

During this process the recipient may also be taking medication to prepare her body for the upcoming transfer, these medications will also vary. The cycle between the donor and the recipient will be synchronized by your physician before beginning the stimulation.
Choosing a Psychologist
The donor will undergo a two hour psychological evaluation to rule out any family history of mental illness and to discuss the issues that are involved in becoming an egg donor. The approval by the psychologist must be obtained before the donor starts any treatments.

Reproductive Solutions recommends and has worked with the following psychologists:
  • Janis Goldman, Ph.D. (310) 820-7151
  • Marilyn Shore, Ph.D. (805) 494-1484
  • Carolyn Lyons, Ph.D. (323) 656-2540
  • Peggy Orlin, M.S., CSU (415)834-3000
  • Kim Bergman, Ph.D. (323)965-7500
  • Dr. Keri L. Ross, Psy.D. (661 287-3751
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Donor’s Medical Screening
Once the donor is financially and legally cleared a medical screening appointment is set up. Typically, the donor will see your physician for all of her appointments unless your physician is out of the Los Angeles area. If that is the case, arrangements will be made by Reproductive Solutions to have the donor monitored by an agreed upon physician located in the Los Angeles area.

At the medical screening the donor will be interviewed by the physician to review her and her family’s health history as well as the donor’s personal habits and suitability. The donor will then undergo a physical with a pap, vaginal ultrasound, blood and drug testing.
The Retrieval
The retrieval process is done at the doctor’s office depending on your treating physician. The retrieval is done while the donor is in a twilight sleep induced by anesthesia. A needle is inserted through the vaginal wall over to the ovaries to collect the egg cells. The retrieval of the eggs involves no cutting and takes about 30 minutes to perform.
Insurance Policy
It is required that the recipient purchases A.I.G. (American Insurance Group) insurance policy. This is offered to help protect both the recipient and donor if any medical complications were to occur due to the hormone therapy and retrieval. The insurance policy only covers complications and does not cover the treatment for the procedure or the egg retrieval.
Choosing an Attorney
The donor will also have a consultation with an attorney to go over the Egg Donor Contract and to answer any questions she may have regarding this contract.
Reproductive Solutions has worked with and recommends the following attorneys:
  • Mr. Durand Cook, Esq. (323) 655-2611
  • Mr. Will Halm, Esq. (323) 936-8866
  • Mr. John K. Ciccarelli, Esq. (626)432-7257
  • Mr. Dean Masserman, Esq. (818) 999-1950
  • Mr. Jaime L. Stroops, Esq. (818) 999-1950
All donors must sign the Egg Donor Contract before beginning any treatments. The contract states that they understand their responsibility as an egg donor and also protects them from any responsibility to the child or children that may result from their donation.
  The Testimonials
"My wife and I live in Europe. Finding a professional clinic and trustworthy medical specialist in North America already seemed a challenge for us. But in our experience, finding a similarly comforting donor agency turned out to be an even taller challenge. To us the donor agency market in the US was opaque and even accredited agencies seemed keener to obtain advance payments and lock us in than to answer questions about the process and donor candidates. In addition, even the most organized web-sites seemed to spin us in circles as data (e.g. on blood type) was missing, inconsistent (e.g. on academic test scores) or outdated (e.g. on donation track record and donor availability).

After dozens of hours on the internet, we decided to ask a friend in our clinic (who had worked with many agencies over her 23 year career) for the name of the one person she would trust to do an extra effort for her patients - someone who is patient and not merely a dealmaker. This is how we learned about Mirna Navas and her agency Reproductive Solutions. When we checked out Mina's website we found it the most quaint but not the most technologically versatile. That did not matter as we had already learned that smart websites and good search functions could not lead us to the donor we were looking for.

It took 2 phone calls with Mirna to decide to work exclusively with her. In the first phone call we were impressed with the time she took to speak with us and with the fact that she had already studied our file which we had e-mailed her before hand. The second call was even more impressive. During a late night drive I called Mirna in her office. She answered by saying "my office is a mess right now as I have the donor files spread out to compare profiles for you". From that point onwards we learned that finding the right donor is not a matter of browsing internet sites, but of finding a person who helps you through an iterative process of comparing donor candidates with your wish list (which in our case was quite extensive and evolving).

Mirna soon understood all our criteria and instead of being turned off by our level of selectiveness she grabbed the challenge. She called us to present new candidates and after a period of about a month we found exactly the person we were looking for. That donor interestingly did not have the profile we were initially looking for because Mirna had also helped us to understand blood type inheritance and investigated family patterns of hair colour and medical ailments. We therefore believe it safe to say that without Mirna we would probably still be looking for our "ideal" candidate.

Throughout the search process Mirna counseled us about the medical procedures and about the associated psychological aspects. In all, there were more than 15 telephone calls and 50 e-mail messages with her. There was never a sign of impatience, and she was always warm, personal and uplifting.Mirna also thought for us and helped us make trade-offs. Importantly for us her support did not end once we found our donor. She continued to help us with developing an incentive construct for our donor and still today is advising us on our medical protocol. Mirna turned a process we were really dreading into a pleasurable activity with an unexpectedly good outcome"

Kindest regards

"We were extremely skeptical when… Fertility Clinic informed me that we would have to hire an agency. After all, we had achieved a successful pregnancy via a Gestational Surrogate three years before without the help of any agency. In fact, our impressions of the agencies were that they were meddling and unnecessary at best, unethical and sleazy at worst. We had matched ourselves and what else did we need an agency for?

However, as it happened, this journey to have a sibling for our son has not been nearly as smooth as the first time. There have been numerous unexpected problems, logistical issues, miscommunications between ourselves and the clinic, or ourselves and the surrogate. I have to say that Mirna Navas -- despite our expectations -- has really helped us. She is incredibly kind, thoughtful and responsive. She has a vast amount of experience to draw upon to confront different problems that arise, whether legal, medical or psychological. She has great connections at different clinics and was able to facilitate the collection of all the necessary paperwork. She was extremely respectful to our GS and only enhanced our relationship with her."

Kindest regards

"I am writing to anyone who is questioning, “Why do I need Mirna Navas’s services to help with my donor cycle?” I asked myself the same question just months ago. I was told by my donor coordinator that I would need to hire a lawyer for myself and my donor to draw up contracts and also needed supplemental medical insurance for my donor in case she were to hyper stimulate. Mirna was the person recommended to take care of setting these things up for me. What they neglected to tell me was everything else that Mirna would do for me. I can honestly say the fee that I paid her was some of the best money spent during my donor cycle.

Upon contacting Mirna, I discovered how personable she is. Not only is she extremely experienced in the process of donor IVF cycles, but I could tell she sincerely cared about the success of my cycle. When I asked her what her role in this would be for me she explained that she would be my “coach”. This is the perfect description for her. I soon realized that I needed a coach. She was my “go to” for all those questions that you can’t get from your doctor or don’t trust when looking up on the internet. Not only was she my coach but also my donor’s coach, who happened to be my niece. This was very comforting to know that my donor had someone that she could contact for any questions that she had about what she should be doing to prepare for a successful retrieval. I would think this would be especially important for those that do not have a known donor since your contact with that person is minimal. If you had someone like Mirna that your donor could go to for information, you could breathe easier, knowing that your eggs are going to be as healthy as possible upon retrieval.

I cannot say enough good things about Mirna. Following my embryo transfer I had a couple days where I was very down. I had 2 embryos transferred and, my doctor gave me a 45% chance of becoming pregnant – and a 10% chance of having twins. I was expecting these odds to be much higher and was losing hope that this cycle would be a success. My doctor just told me to stay positive and left it at that. As much as I tried, it was difficult to stay positive. I called Mirna and explained everything. She helped me tremendously with her advice and telling me of some previous experiences with clients that were in a similar situation. She was a real person to talk to that knew what she was talking about. I left our phone conversation feeling uplifted and later labeled her “my cheerleader”. She restored my hope with her sincere words and advice. I am now 10 weeks pregnant – with twins! I still contact her after my ultra sounds to keep her up to date with my progress and always look forward to sharing the latest news with her.

I highly recommend Mirna Navas for her services. She was an instrumental person in the success of my pregnancy and I feel confident that she will help you too. Her work is from the heart and you don’t find that often in people. So if you have any reservations as to why you should spend your money on Mirna, set them aside and let her help you. I don’t think you’ll have any regrets. I certainly don’t."

Very Sincerely,

Lucy P.
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